Accounts & Login

If I forget my password, how can I recover it?

On the homepage, click ‘Login’ then select ‘Forgot Password’. Follow the instructions to then reset your password.

From a specific ad page, click “Inquire” to create a conversation with that seller to ask questions about that animal or find out how to purchase. This will send them an email.

You will get their response in an email and it will show up in your Messages page as well.

To learn more please read our step-by-step instructions on how our site works. You may also be able to find other forms of contact information on a seller’s store page.

Where can I change my username?

Log into your account, go to the user settings page. The option to change your username is under the section for ‘Username’.

How long will it take for my selling account to be approved?

You must submit your approval photo according to the instructions provided here.

All accounts are typically approved within 24 hours of receiving approval photos. If you haven’t heard from us after 3 working days, then please get in touch with us here.

Why do you require users to be 18 years old?

Our Terms And Conditions require that all buyers and sellers on our site be 18 years old. This is because in most EU member states you must be aged 18 or older to engage in legal activities and be liable for any contractual obligations, read more here.

Anyone under this age will not be able to make an account. If an adult is willing to create an account and make purchases on your behalf they must understand that they are responsible for this contract and purchase of any reptiles.

Read more about our position on ethics of animal keeping & business here.
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