Best Practises

Inquiry Best Practises

The below guidelines will give you an idea of what happens during the inquiry process with a seller. We also have information on How To Buy to get the full picture.


Complete your User Profile so sellers can get information about your quickers.
Notify your household of any funds that may be leaving your account. The process can be quick and sellers expect you to purchase after accepting an offer.


Make sure you read the entire ad, inquiry page and the store’s policies. This answers many of your questions already.
Alway do your research on the seller. Sellers vary significantly in their quality of customer service and policies.
We advise you to reach out to a few sellers at once during your selection process. However, it is recommended to avoid sending 20 inquiries in one sitting to buy one animal.

The Inquiry

Your message should communicate your genuine interest. In most cases, the less effort you put into your message, the more basic the reply.
Assume that the animal is available and ask questions such as, “How can I make a purchase?”
Make sure it’s clear that you will need a payment plan in the first message.


Feel free to make offers to the seller unless they have stated otherwise. Keep in mind that offers considerably lower than the asking price may not receive a response.
Many sellers will not accept offers for less than 25% off the asking price.
If you are looking to achieve larger discounts it is a good idea to purchase multiple animals from the same seller at once.

Other Questions

Mention if you’re a first time owner. Being honest will get you the support you need from sellers.
Don’t hesitate to ask if something seems wrong about the ad
Asking for an updated photo is reasonable, however some legitimate sellers may not accommodate. It is then your decision to move forward with the seller or not.


Keep your conversations polite and have an open communication with the seller. If you decide to look elsewhere let them know.
If you don’t receive message replies, check your spam folder.
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