Position on Ethics of Animal Keeping & Business

Reptile Room believes we all share a responsibility to stick to certain ethical standards. These ethics apply to both private reptile collections and businesses. This helps us maintain a healthy and responsible community.


Conservation of wildlife and its natural habitats are the cornerstone of responsible keeping.

Our beliefs:

The use of Captive breeding decreases the market for wild-caught animals whilst increasing natural populations. This means captive breeding allows us to create a more sustainable population of endangered animals.

Our actions:

Reptile Room only allows the sale of captive bred animals.

We will respond seriously to any ads which violate the laws of conservation. Be sure to let us know if you see something that doesn’t follow these laws so we can take action as soon as possible.


Healthy environments with thriving, diverse populations of native species are critical for the overall health of our entire planet.

Our beliefs:

Under no circumstances should a non-native species be released into the wild. This is an irresponsible way to act and we will never support any actions of this kind.

We also believe it is unacceptable to collect native species in the wild without permits issued by specific governing bodies. You should only get a permit and collect wild animals if you have the experience and resources to care for the animal properly, allowing them to safely acclimate to captivity. This is essential to sustain the population of all animals.

Our actions:

If we receive any complaints about sellers violating any international or country-specific laws regarding collecting, trading and transporting any animals we will act promptly and seriously.

Animal Welfare

Living animals in our care are dependent on us to stay well. If you cannot provide them what they need you should not have them under your care.

Our beliefs:

All keepers must commit to provide the appropriate care needed by their animals and ensure they remain healthy and thrive in their captive environments.

We also believe that sellers should be responsible and committed to finding the perfect homes for the animals they sell, making sure that the animals stay healthy even after they are sold.

Our actions:

To provide an active forum which is perfect for finding information from a whole host of experienced and knowledgeable animal keepers.
We encourage buyers and sellers to keep up communication with each other before the transaction of a live animal is completed.
To respond promptly and severely to any proven allegations of ongoing negligence or abuse.

Anyone interested in keeping or working with animals will know that there are always animal-right activists, lawmakers and other members of the general public who wish to take our rights away.

This is why we place a lot of importance behind the ethics and sustainability of what we do here at Reptile Room. We expect all our members to promote ethics and responsibility in this area. This way we can continue what we do and fight against animal abuse to the animals that we love.

Still looking for more information? Check out our FAQs or contact us.

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