Mail Error 01: Unknown Inquiry ID

We’re sorry, your mail couldn’t be delivered!

We were unable to deliver your message sent to the general inquiries address [email protected].

Here’s what you CAN do with Inquiries

Inquiries can send you messages that you can respond to. You’re continuing a conversation with another member of Reptile Room.

Here’s what you CAN’T do

A new email cannot be created and sent to Inquiries. Due to the fact that we need your email subject to determine what conversation you are in.

Here’s what you should do NOW

To continue a conversation, click ‘Reply’ on your last message in this conversation. Avoid changing the subject of the message.
The email address of the other party can be found on your Messages page (after the seller has responded one time) if you need to send them a PayPal invoice, for example.
You can also send a response from your Messages page.
If you’re still confused, Contact Us for help.

How this works “under the hood”

Inquiries relays your messages in one of two ways:

Plan A: In most cases, your mail client will address the message to the “Reply To” address that is unique to your conversation, which looks like [email protected]. The message will be delivered. We send 99% of our messages this way.
Plan B: To identify the inquiry ID, we’ll look for the subject of the message or the bottom of the message if the message gets sent to the general [email protected] address. The colour is similar to #43210-abcd. Moreover, your Reptile Room account must be associated with your sending email address.
If Plan A and Plan B fail, you end up here.
Read more about Reptile Room Mail.
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