Mail Error E02: Unknown Sender

We’re sorry, your mail couldn’t be delivered!

The message you sent to the general inquiries address [email protected] was not delivered.

Why did it fail?

Emails sent from this address are not associated with anyone in this conversation.

How could that happen?

You probably have multiple email addresses. You have set up one email address in your Reptile Room account ([email protected]) that forwards to another ([email protected]) from which you are responding.

Here’s what you should do NOW

Logging into your Reptile Room account adds this email address to your account under User Settings->E-mail Addresses. This only needs to be done once.
If you have previously associated this email address with another account on Reptile Room, you will need to unlink it from that account first.
In order to remove this address, you may need to add another address to that account.
Alternatively, you can Contact Us to delete your old account (be sure to tell us which one).
Finally, you should resend the message that bounced back.

Want more options?

It is possible to get past this in two other ways, but they are only temporary solutions, and the issue will likely return.

Your Messages page allows you to respond.
Instead of using the email address you used, you can re-send this message using the email address associated with this Reptile Room account.
Instead of sending your message to the general Inquiries address, you can send it to the unique Reply To address (see below).

How this works “under the hood”

Inquiries relays your messages in one of two ways:

Plan A: When you reply, your mail client will address the message to the “Reply To” address that is unique to your conversation, such as. Everything should be fine then. Most messages are sent this way.
We’ll try to find the inquiry ID in the message subject if it gets sent to the general [email protected] address. The inquiry ID looks something like #43210-abcd. An email address linked to your Reptile Room account must also be used to send inquiries.
If Plan A and Plan B fail, you end up here.
Read more about Reptile Room Mail.
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