How do your memberships work?

A member of Reptile Room is a seller who has purchased a membership to support Reptile Room and gain additional selling features. See our pricing page for details.

Members of Reptile Room are generally more established and vetted than nonmembers, so membership should be considered a positive factor in your selection process; however, Reptile Room does not accept responsibility for the actions of any seller on our site.

Here’s how you can join.

How can I sell X if I don't have a membership?

There are two categories of Reptile Rooms: mature and developing. As of yet, only Ball Pythons have been marked as mature. The extra benefits of membership are highlighted in blue on the following pricing page so you can see how membership impacts selling in developing areas.

Is PayPal the only payment method you accept?

On our website we accept all forms of payment. PayPal, card, direct debit can all be used to purchase your membership plan.

Is there anything I need to do to renew my membership?

Your membership cannot be renewed before it has expired. Your membership expiration date appears in the status section of the membership page.

You have two options: 1) enable auto-renewal on your membership page, or 2) let it expire first, pay, and renew your ads on the inventory page (which should only take a minute or so).

Is it possible to change plans at any time?

A membership upgrade is effective immediately and will be prorated based on remaining membership credit. Downgrades, cancellations, and monthly subscription changes take effect at renewal.
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