Messages & Email

How can I get in touch with someone?

All communication takes place through our messaging system on our website. Inquiries are the starting point for messages.

To ask a question about an animal or find out how to purchase it, click “Inquire” on the ad page for that animal. It will send them an email automatically.

They will respond via email and it will also appear in your messages page.

How do I respond to a message?

You will receive a message via email. To reply, click the reply button.

Messages can also be viewed through the messages page.

Is it possible to block someone?

You should go to the message page, click reply, and then select “Decline Inquiry”. With this, no further inquiries will be sent.

You should kindly inform all other parties that you wish to discontinue communication and to stop sending messages. Occasionally, users will respond repeatedly causing the conflict to escalate. Simply walk away if the conflict continues to escalate.

Please contact us if you feel you are being harassed after taking the above steps. Abuse and harassment are not tolerated on this website. Contact us if the abuse continues.

Where can I update my email address?

Set a new primary email address in user settings, verify it, and add a new email address. You can then delete your old address.

Is there a reason why the email address I'm responding to looks strange?

Whenever you click reply to a message, you will see an address such as, Example:[email protected] It is this unique identifier that you will use to route your message to the other party.

In order to reduce confusion about how to reply, the actual email address of the other party is not initially displayed. However, after the seller has replied, the email address is revealed on the messages page.

Why do I no longer receive emails?

You may see messages on your messages page that you did not receive emails for. This is because the spam/junk/promotional filters of your email provider have blocked them.

Firstly, find those emails and reclassify them.

Using your mail program, search for the missing messages in the folders. Check your Spam/Junk, Promotional, and any other folders where it might have landed for the phrase Reptile Room.
Be sure to check your computer rather than your smartphone. Several users have reported that their mobile phone’s junk folder was empty, but they found our email in junk on their computer.
As soon as you find them, mark them as “not spam” and move them to the correct folders to train your program.

Secondly, whitelist our emails.

By whitelisting our domain, your email provider will not send us to spam.
This article explains how to whitelist a variety of providers. You can add this email address to your account: [email protected]
Please add all our email addresses to your address book [email protected].

Finally, VIP addresses for iPhone users

If an iPhone user uses the Mail App, they should star these addresses, which prevents spam and enables push notifications.
You can find the directions in full here.

Can I send attachments?

All attachments in your email cannot exceed 10.0 MB. Thus, if you have four 3MB images, you should send them as two emails.

It will display attachments in the messages page, but they can only be accessed in the email.

As a seller, why am I being told I didn't respond when I did?

The seller will be automatically reminded if he or she does not reply to our system after several days. Every user should receive a unique response to each inquiry he or she makes on a different ad.

If you cannot respond to these emails by email, you may be able to do so by phone. Simply click the reply link on your messages page and choose “Responded Elsewhere.” By doing so, your account will appear more responsive to users and prevent future reminders.

What would cause my message not to be delivered?

Error 01: Unknown Inquiry ID: To resolve this error, please refer to this page.

Error 02: Unknown sender: For more information, please see this page.

The maximum size of attachments you can attach per message is 10.0 MB

How did my email account become active again?

Our emails can sometimes be marked as spam by users. Despite it being unintentional, it harms the reputation of our domain. To prevent further spam complaints, our third party emails will place the flagger’s email address on a “suppression list” and discontinue sending emails to it.

Our users can be confused by this, as they stop receiving emails when they unknowingly mark an email as spam. Our company has developed a system that reactivates previously deactivated email addresses a limited number of times per week so that this doesn’t happen.

Upon reactivation, you will receive a notification to let you know this has happened. Make sure you haven’t missed any messages since you last checked the messenger on our site.

You should contact your email provider if you have questions about how you flagged the email as spam.
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